Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The winners for Food Fair "Extraordinary Snap & Win" Contest

Monday, October 4, 2010

Food Fair UPM 2010 is just around the corner!

Food Fair UPM 2010


1. Food & Beverage Exhibition

Date:7-9th Oct 2010

Time: 9am-9pm

Venue:Dewan Putra 2

*Free entrance

There are various food and beverages companies including Vono, Yakult, Vico, Melilea, Crispy popiah, Big Apple Donuts, Perfect Ice, Sushi King,

Namie, Sime Darby, Teik Senn, Madam Sun, Snekku, Hung Fook Tong Holding(selling herbal drinks), Chocolate Graphics and A La Turka.

Some companies will be giving free sampling.

Those who purchase total above RM15 will entitle for lucky draw. This lucky draw will be held for 3 days during Food Fair and there are Grand prizes on the last day of Food Fair.

Anyone who purchase Sushi King RM10 voucher or Magic Night Dinner ticket will be entitled for lucky draw too.

Besides that, there are a lot of games during 3 days of Food Fair. Welcome to join those games and having fun there.

2. Magic Night Dinner

Date: 7th Oct 2010

Venue: Food Service Complex

Ticket price: RM25 (buy 9 free 1)-1 table 10 people

Seat: 100pax

Bus will be provided outside Food Fair Exhibition Hall

* Included 8 courses

( Bread, Appetizer, Soup, Main Course, Sorbet, Dessert, Mocktail, Coffee/Tea)

In a fine dining restaurant plus having a nice magic show, bartending and lots of impressive performance!

Our foods are fusion cuisine with special design. Bus will be provided. It is WORTH MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY...

Interested can call Lip Wah 016-3659738 for ticket ordering.

3. Event during 7-9th Oct 2010.

(a)Food Quiz will be held.

Venue: Dewan Putra 2

Date: 9 October 2010

Time: 11am

1 team 3 people

Due date for registrating food quiz is on 8/10 12pm

Champion: RM150 + certificate

1st runner up: RM90 + certificate

2nd runner up: RM60 + certificate

(b)Snake & Ladder

(c)Freezy Mouth

(d)Food Modeling

(e)Wasabi eating

(f)Tasting the food and guessing

Attractive prizes give away.............

4. Culinary Competition

Date: 9th Oct 2010

Time: 9am-5pm

Venue: Food Complex, UPM

*Free entrance

Bus will be provided outside Food Fair Exhibition Hall.

We invited outside colleges to join this competition and invited professional chefs as judges. UPM will also have one team taking part. Visit there to give your support. You can go there to watch the competition. Participants will cook a few courses for the competition. Food cooked by participants will be displayed and you can take photos there.


We Are Waiting For YOU!!!

For more information, kindly contact

Jason 016-2868020

Soon 012-7731143

Friday, October 1, 2010

Food Quiz

In conjunction with the FOOD FAIR UPM 2010, Food Quiz will be held. Details are as follow:

Venue: Dewan Putra 2

Date: 9 October 2010

Time: 11am

Registration: 10am

It is open to all UPM students. For more details, please drop your comments to Ching Yin.

Champion: RM150 + Certificate

1st Runner up: RM90 + Certificate

2nd Runner up: RM60 + Certificate


Food Fair UPM 2010: GRAND DINNER

Date: 7/10/2010

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Venue: Food Service Complex (beside Banquet Hall)


Ticket price: RM25

Seat: 100pax

* Included 8 courses in a fine dining restaurant plus having a nice magic show and bartending. Our foods are fusion cuisine with special design. Bus will be provided. Interested can call Lip Wah 016-3659738  for ticket ordering

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Join Food Fair "Extraordinary Snap & Win" Contest in Facebook

Food Fair "Extraordinary Snap & Win" Contest

3 October 2010

In conjunction of the Food Fair UPM 2010, you're invited to join the "Extraordinary Snap & Win" contest. To enter, take a picture of you with any foods, and you could stand a chance to win mystery prizes!

Rules & Regulations
1. This contest is open to everyone except the Food Fair UPM 2010 committees.

2. The winners are chosen based on 50% like vote and 50 % judges’ decision. The judges’decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.

3. The winners will be notified by email after the judging.

4. The list of names will be published in Facebook Food Fair UPM 2010 group.

5. The contest period is from 20th September 2010 to 3rd October 2010.

6. For further information, please message us at our Food Fair UPM 2010 group or post your enquiry in the group wall.

1st Prize
Mystery prizes worth RM 50

2nd Prize
Mystery prizes worth RM30

3rd Prize
Mystery prizes worth RM20

Consolation x 3:
Mystery prizes worth RM10

How to Win:
To take part, snap a photo of yourself with any foods. That’s it! Be creative. Once you have a picture that you’re happy with, upload it to our wall. A panel of judges will select the best entry based on relevance, originality and creativity to win the grand prizes. Please note that every person is only allowed 1 entry.

Click here for more information.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooking… Creativity … Craft …Culinary Competition is coming!!!

Just as the previous Food Fair UPM, there is a culinary competition in Food Fair UPM 2010. Culinary Department is responsible for this competition as well. Wondering how a culinary competition to be conducted? Want to find out how significant and important of Culinary Department in carrying out this competition? Lets check it out!!!

" There are three subgroups in Culinary Department which are kitchen, technical & logistics, and sponsor. Each subgroup has different tasks and needs to cooperate to make sure this event run smoothly.

* Kitchen subgroup
Ï prepare meal of the day for participants and judges
Ï make sure the cooking utensils are good in function
Ï make sure ingredients are enough and in good condition

*Technical & logistics subgroup
Ï decorate the hall
Ï arrange the transportation
Ï arrange live video (audience can watch the live show of the culinary competition)
Ï coordinate with Technical Department of Food Fair 2010 to make the MM show
*Sponsor subgroup
Ï find sponsor for ingredients, souvenirs, prizes and hampers
Ï coordinate and cooperate with External Affair Department to find potential companies for sponsor

This year, we will have a different way to carry out Culinary Competition. 16 teams of participants from local IPTA / IPTS will compete to get place in the final round. In the preliminary round, there is a specific ingredient must be utilized and incorporated in their own dishes. See how they used it to match with their own original recipes.

Those 5 teams which success to enter the final round have to use the mystery ingredients in BLACK BOX to produce “extra ordinary” dish. Wonder what ingredients are in the Black Box? Wonder how the ordinary ingredients can be processed into “extra ordinary” dish? Wonder how the young chefs show their skills and creativity? Wonder which team will be the final winner? Find out all the answers in Culinary Competition in Food Fair UPM 2010!

Besides the competition, you can have the opportunity to view the cooking demonstration of professional chef! "

WAU!!!!!! I can't wait to reveal those mystery ingredients in the Black Box. What about you? Not only looking forward to the young chefs' culinary repertoire, but also the fantastic demonstration by professional chef as well!!

How can you miss such a golden opportunity? Just grab the chance by attending our coming culinary competition. Date and venue would be updated soon.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let Us to Color Your Campus Life

Hi all, school reopen is around the corner. Hows your holiday? Enjoyable? Are you ready to schedule Food Fair UPM 2010 as one of the campus activities, that you must attend for this coming semester?

As an information to you, Food Fair UPM 2010, with the theme of EXTRAORDINARY this year, has established a new department which is Banquet Department. Still wondering what it is? Let's check it out now~

" Banquet Department

1. Responsible in planning and executing closing ceremony of FoodFair 2010
2. Responsible in planning and executing the dinner for closing ceremony of FoodFair 2010
3. Responsible in planning and executing all the stage performances for closing ceremony of FoodFair 2010


Banquet department is the new department for FoodFair 2010. For extra-ordinary, we will have a grand mocktail before the dinner of closing ceremony start. This is the good trial for us to launch mocktail as we can apply service knowledge.

We divide the department into 3 groups:
1. Closing ceremony:
- Think out of a concept for closing ceremony of Foodfair 2010
- Hall decoration (entrance, hall inside)
- Coordinate with stage group about the tentative.
2. Stage performance:
- Think in backdrop design for stage decoration
- Find and deal the stage event link
- Stage decoration (borrow tree from TPU)
- Tentative of the banquet dinner
- Coordinate with protocol and technical department and also the closing ceremony group.
3. Catering group:
- Find and deal with the caterer link
- Hall management
i) Table setting ( position of the table in hall, cutlery setting, table deco)
ii) Menu design
- Coordinate with protocol and caterer for the day
4. Flow of the catering service
- Find a place for the caterer cooking
- Plan to have mocktail "

Wow!! Fantastic, isn't it? Just remember to join us for the coming Food Fair UPM 2010, and you would find out even more interesting events that you never been experienced before.

See you!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Protocol and Hall Management Department VS Event Department = P-E-R-F-E-C-T

Since the Event Department has planned a lot of amazing programmes for Food Fair UPM 2010, there still in a need of making sure it runs smoothly. Hence, Protocol and Hall Management Department is playing an important role in cooperation with Event Department to ensure Food Fair UPM 2010 will be conducted successfully, on the other hand, bring more excitement to our events.

Hereby, the Protocol and Hall Management Department will be here to introduce you of their responsibilities in conducting Food Fair UPM 2010 as well as their goals to achieve.

1. Fully responsible in preparing and organizing tentative program of Food Fair 2010, and monitor all events that happen to ensure that it runs smoothly and follow the tentative. Responsible to plan and execute hall decoration and hall management especially for opening ceremony, food exhibition day and culinary day.

Food Fair UPM 2009

Main functions:
1) Organize the tentative program.
2) Prepare some rearrangement of tentative program for any unexpected situation that might happen.
3) Prepare and train emcees and ushers.
4) Provide scripts for emcees.
5) Plan hall decoration and hall management.
6) Execute actions of affairs which related to discipline, cleanliness, and emergency during whole events.

Food Fair UPM 2009

Type of activities:
1) Flower decoration on stage.

Goals to achieve:
1) Provide clear tentative programs so that the event will run smoothly.
2) Prepare an extraordinary thing that could be as symbol of Food Fair 2010.
3) The emcees chosen are better than last year so the event can be more interesting.
4) There will be enough heavily trained ushers with clear duties.
5) All the events run smoothly, better than last year. "

Is it amazing? Currently, all departments has started to prepare, plan and work hard, for the purpose to bring all visitors a "brand new" and "extraordinary" Food Fair UPM 2010. Beside of Food & Beverage Exhibition, there will be Culinary Competition, Culinary Demonstration, and Banquet Dinner conducted in occasion with Food Fair UPM 2010.

What are you waiting for? Please do not hesitate, by just spreading this good news to your friends and join us!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

*If spice gives life to food, whereas event gives life to Food Fair*

Event organising is one of the important and main element in conducting Food Fair UPM. However, there's still always been a doubt from people of what actually Event Department is? Furthermore, what are the reponsibilities taken by Event Department in Food Fair UPM?

Hereby, our Event Department is going to answer all these to you. Don't forget, if you want to give them and us a support,it's very easy. Just attend to Food Fair UPM 2010 and remember, catch up with our latest news through here or facebook!!

Event Department
• Responsible in planning and executing the opening ceremony in food exhibition.
• Responsible in planning and executing the stage performance and additional activity during food fair 2010 which relevant to food sector in food exhibition.
• Responsible in planning and executing the careers talk.
• Responsible in coordinate with Protocol and Hall Management Department of Food Fair 2010 on tentative of food exhibition to ensure event running smooth.
• Responsible in the exhibition which relevant to food sector in food exhibition.

Opening Ceremony of Food Fair 2009

Exhibition of Food Fair

Monday, May 17, 2010

Union=S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H, Unity=V-I-C-T-O-R-Y

To success an event, there must be a strong commitment and cooperation in a team. Hereby, we are going to introduce you, who are those Heroes and "Sheroes" who has been putting a lot of efforts and contributions in Food Fair UPM 2010, as well as their recent progress in carrying out their tasks.

Now, let's give our External Affair Department a round of applause for their experience sharing.

" Objective of External Affair Department is to get as mh sponsors and companies to join the event. We will try to get as much resources as possible for the event to run smoothly.

Our target for this year is 24 booths, and around RM20,000 for Food Fair UPM 2010.
From the very beginning of May, we have been moving around KL-Selangor area to find advertisement and booth sponsors. Besides of External Affairs Department, Culinary Department also join us in finding sponsors. Both department cooperate together in order to make Food Fair 2010 run successfully.

Besides of doing our work, we also have fun in this week. We went to sing Karaoke together, play bowling, and watch movie together in order to foster good relationship between our group members.

PS: Ip Man is really a good movie ;)

Hopefully we can achieve our target as soon as possible. Thanks (^_^)"

Thats all for our External Affair Department to spare some their precious time while finding for sponsors in Food Fair UPM 2010, in order to share with us their experience of carrying out tasks. By the way, wish our External Affair Department to reach their target shortly and successfully. Go! Go! Go!